Sunday, March 28, 2004

We now return to your regularly scheduled blogging.

After a tense week of no hosting, it appears that our original benefactor has green lighted TTIKTDA to resume posting MP3's. That said, we're still a bit edgy, and would love it if some other generous soul were to step forward and share the burden. (Ideally, by August, I'll be providing for myself.)

And without further ado, Tunes!

The Walkmen - The Rat: Off of their newest album, Bows and Arrows, The Rat is one of those songs I can just put on repeat forever. It's combination of anger, resignation, and bitterness is just what the doctor ordered for me, and it doesn't hurt that the song has a sharper hook than I've ever been priveliged to go fishing with.

Broadcast - Color Me In - This song has a lazy, sunny vibe that reminds me of the sort of beautiful spring weather NY has been experiencing of late. The vocals have a sunny quality that brings the music beyond the realm of ordinary electronic music, and gives it a warmer, human feel that makes all the difference.

Broadcast - Pendulum - But this, this is the song that made me fall in love with Broadcast. Where "Color Me In" lazes about, this song SWINGS, with all the energy of a good dancable jazz tune, as singer Trish Keenan wraps that beautiful voice around a beat that begs to be tapped to.

Both of these tracks are off of 2003's Haha Sound an excellent album on Warp Records.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Day the Music Died?

Well, it would seem that, at least for the moment, both TTIKTDA and Said The Gramophone(linked on your right), have lost hosting for MP3 goodness.

If you feel the need to offer to helpout, my emails over there, and my IM is CaptainPsyko (AIM). You can drop me a line just to say hi too, if you feel like it. I'm a friendly fellow.

Monday, March 22, 2004


Tilly & The Wall - I Can't Believe You: Tilly and the Wall are an unsigned (read: Saddle Creek but they haven't finished an album yet) band from Omaha who manage to not sound pompous (ala Cursive), or drunken and pussified (Bright Eyes), or even for that matter consist of former child stars (lookin at you Rilo Kiley). Instead, in spite of the Oberst producer credit, they manage to be a band that could come from anywhere, and deliver flat out fun, happy, sparkly, dancey indie pop. Oh, and the percussion on this track? Tilly & The Wall don't have a drummer. They have a tap dancer. Who occasionally busts out a tambourine or some maraccas. And the rest of the band claps hands with her sometimes. But mostly it's just Tappa-Tappa-Tappa. This results in an AWESOME live cover of "Hey Ya". This song comes closest to capturing that live energy, but doesn't really manage it. It's off of their 6 song demo "Woo!"

In other news, check out this page of live Darkness cuts. They're all Darknessey goodness. But NOTHING can match the sheer hysteria of Falsetto begetting Falsetto, when they COVER RADIOHEAD. That's right, the wounded, tortured vocals of Street Spirit, transform into the insane wailings of a hair metal god. The only constant is the pitch.

Also be sure to hop over to Fluxblog to check out the Bad Plus's fantastic cover of Velouria before it disappears. Oh, and that new Fiery Furnaces song ain't half bad neither.

Oh, and for those in a hole in the ground, Gramophone has new Wilco up. Not for much longer. New Wilco is something that excites many people, but I find myself fairly indifferent to listening to Jeff Tweedy bounce between aping Elliott Smith, and trying to transmogrify Wilco into the new Skynyrd.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


The Pogues - Streams of Whiskey

The Dropkick Murphies - Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced!

I'd psot descrpitions... but...



Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Well, the site's already Green...

so there's nothing left but to go for some Celt-Punk, knock back some whiskey, and enjoy being snowed in...

The Pogues - The Sick Bed of Cuchullain lots of people name drop the pogues. Far fewer people actually seem to have listened to them. And so, yes, I AM posting one of the 3 most popular songs they ever put out. People need to actually know what they're dropping - and know that this really IS punk rock.

Ted Leo (solo) - Dirty Old Town - a cover off of 2003's "Tell Balgeary Balgury is Dead" EP, Leo makes a song that normally sounds drunk and very... well... Irish... into a more universal song of yearning and loss.

Flogging Molly - Devils Dance Floor Dave King's hair metal history aside, the man now looks like a game show host. All of this is irrelevant however, in the context of the fact that he is a part of a band that truly and decidedly knows how to put together some truly tight folk-punk. Stuff that really and truly makes a guy want to learn just how to jig. Or maybe, as was the plan all along, just jump in a pit and make something up. Preferably while inebriated.

Monday, March 15, 2004

New Tunes!

I'm back! And I'm in an up beat, old fashioned pop-rock sort of mood. Songs with strong vocals and lots of lyrics.

It's that sort of day, so you'll get 2 songs by a pair of bands that were flat out criminally neglected in 2003

Folksongs for the Afterlife - You Walked Me Home off of 2003's debut, Put Danger Back in Your Life. The vocals invite comparisons to the likes of Beth Orton, or Azure Ray, but instrumentally, these guys rock substantially more. I think this did make Pitchforks "Albums we forgot to review but liked" list in their mega-year-end-feature. I'm afraid thats what everyone else did too.

The Long Winters - Blue Diamonds - Very much like a less silly Neutral Milk Hotel, I think these guys got ignored largely because of the Decembrists multiple releases sucking all the oxygen out of the room for that category last year. And thats a damn shame. This song swings - the entire album - When I Begin to Fall makes for great driving music, and the Indie All Star line up of guest musicians helps. Like I said, I have no clue why this didn't get any buzz.

Elsewhere, GarageDream has produced one half of (the world first?) MP3-Blogger-mix-split, availiable Here. There's some very good stuff on there. If anyone is interested in embarking on a similar project, drop me a line.

As a side note - I'm in the midst of compiling a themed mix from a friend - so, any suggestions for songs about doctors, or medicine, or surgery, etc? Hopefully casting them in a negative light? Think "Tommy Gets his Tonsils Out" by the 'Mats, the Theme Song from Hedwig (wherein ze describes hir surgery...) etc. etc.

Saturday, March 13, 2004


This link is to a bit-torrent file for a bootleg of Brian Wilsons 2/24 London Smile Concert.

I've been looking for this one for weeks. Enjoy kids.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Work Is Hard.

But Liars have posted their entire album. They Were Wrong So We Drowned, for free over at their website

Rock on.

Feel free to check out the DOWNLOADS section of the site. "They Were Wrong, So We Drowned" is there in it's entirety thanks to Josh hooking up the wires. I know it takes the fun out of downloading records and stuff.... If you still want to feel like an outlaw,try tying a bandanna over your mouth and give yourself a name that ends with "beard".

More MP3 goodness from me on Monday.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Kickin Release Madness!

So, theres a few great albums being released in the States today.

First off, a pair of tracks off of Franz Ferdinands debut Self titled album...

The Dark of the Matinee - this is the highlight of the album as far as I'm concerned. All hooks and dancey energy, and a chorus thats simultaneously catchy and very very sketchy, this song has hit written all over it if it makes it to radio.

Auf Achse - If Dark of the Matinee doesn't make it, this one will. It has a bit less of a singalong quality, but it makes up for it with that great piano bit that really holds the song together.

And on the other hand, my TV On The Radio evangelism knows no bounds. (Anyone going to tonites Southpaw CD release show should drop me a line. It's gonna kick.)

King Eternal - All men condemned by men to die/ Damned by blind bitch in hallowed hall - this song is just all soul. I think this is the first song I've posted with TVOTR's new second vocalist, Kyp Malone on lead - he has a different sound from Tunde - he's the fragile, falsettoed companion to Tundes powerful, golden throated soul. Where Tunde's songs ring out with echoes of Blues and Barbershop, Kyp reveals a more... human side of the band. His imperfections bring a sense of brokenness to the songs that he leads on that counteracts the mechanization of the sound on other tracks - if there's any fault in Tunde's singing, it's that he's so good, so polished, one has to wonder if it's the production. Kyps presence (or merely seeing them live), most certainly proves otherwise.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I swear... they used to be good!

I finally picked up The Corals newest album, Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker. And I'm sorry to say, it's a huge disappointment. But on the plus side for you guys, it's inpsired me to post a pair of tracks off their debut that show why the Coral used to be a promising band damn it all!

The Coral - The Ballad of Simon Diamond - I love this song. There's an acid trip quality to it that leaves it unquestionably indebted to the Beatles in their later days, but there's also something thoroughly timeless to the harmonies, and the lyrics, singing the story of a man, whose sold his soul.

The Coral - Waiting for the Heartaches to Come - and this is the song that made me fall in love with the Coral. The subdued tropical beats and slow ballad opening are deceptive, because after about a minute the song just fucking explodes, and leaves me weeping for all this potential, so thoroughly and fully wasted on this terrible new album.

And, for kicks - Childrens Television.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I'm too sick to post music tonite.

Just don't have the energy. Instead, a link.

The Jay-Z Construction Set 649 Megs of everything you need to make your own Black Album

I'm waiting to see the REALLY Black Album... Prince, The Damned, Metallica, AND Jay-Z.

No wait. That would probably suck. Still, the construction kit sounds like fun. I won't have it finished until friday at this rate though.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

It's Tuesday. Are you feeling Super?

Radio 4 - Election Day: GET YOUR ASSES OUT AND VOTE IF YOU LIVE IN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING STATES: New York, California, Ohio, Georgia, Vermont, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusets, Minnesota, or Rhode Island.

Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas are up next week.

This bitch ain't over yer people.

I was an early early early Deaniac, but much of that has to do with being a member of the "Anyone but Kerry" faction of the Democratic party. I just don't think he's presidential material is all.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Theme Songs

The Apes - Village of Brainbow and Brainbo: This is off of the Apes most recent (not particularly) release, OddEyeSee. It's an odd album, but I have a tendency to think of it as the soundtrack to the greatest themepark ride thats never been built - an image reinforced by tracks like the albums "Roll Call" and frequent self referential bits, not to mention the twisted storyline, sound effects, and constant mentions of boarding the "ark". This particular track presents the Apes at their best - sounding like Les Savy Fav with an organ instead of a guitar, and ominous doomspeaking to replace Tim Harringtons sheer wildness.

Pizzicato Five - Tout Tout Pour Ma Cherie: If the Apes are the soundtrack of a creepy theme park ride, Pizzicato Five provide the theme music for all the psychotically energetic 70's television that never was. It's J-Pop, a genre i generally despise for being too sacharine, but there's something about the P5 that makes it seem less tooth rotting, and more guilty pleasure - not everyday listening to be sure, but great for when you need something to pump up your pulse during a long drive, or on the treadmill.

Also, I'm going to take this opportunity to pimp out a friends band, The Axe Wound Kids. They're very cutting edge, and unlike most other music most sane people will listen to. They recently recorded their first demo - a 7 track affair that clocks in at under five minutes of their distinctive Haiku-Core sound.

A sample lyric:

breasts of eternal pain
swollen ripe with suffering
please show me your tits

Yes, it's analcuntesque. Yes it's gimmicky. It's also fun as hell and there is some real talent there.

You can listen to the whole demo at their website, and there's booking contact there too - word is they want to tour this summer, and they will play just about anywhere I think.

EDIT: Just making my rounds of other blogs for the evenings, and I have to say, DO NOT MISS, Said The Gramophones track of Elvis fucking up a show - it's priceless.

And as if that wasn't enough to convince you how lousy an MP3 blogger I am, ForksClovesTofu has tossed up a post of classic Prison music that is brilliant, beautiful, and far more worthy of your harddrive space than my meagre offerings.