Friday, February 27, 2004

I've been a baaaad baaad blogger.

Sporadic updates is bad for trying to sustain a fragile and new readership, I know.

By way of apology, I offer you 3 MP3's to get you through the weekend.

The Beach Boys - Heroes and Villains Part 2 - What with all the buzz everywhere about the upcoming release of Smile it seemed right to dig into the old collection and pull up a track off of the album that might yet be. This is probably my favorite song off of the album - for it's harmonies, it's looped out wierdness, and the utterly disarming pastiche of Americana that Wilson weaves through the whole thing - the track is from an old fan assembled bootleg.

PS If anyone has tips about where to get a boot from the London performance last week - it would be much appreciated. There are times I really really miss soulseek.

Muse - Apocalypse Please Posted by request after a tip from Ultragrrl, I'm struck by the fact that it sounds like some baroque, beautiful, melodic twist on At The Drive In - all the urgency, none of the noise. I like.

World/Inferno Friendship Society - Just The Best Party The W/IFS are a NY Based Ska band that shows some heavy cabaret, klezmer, and goth influences - good original ska is something that, until recently, I thought hadn't existed since the mid 90's. That said, good original ska, when found, is quite close to the best stuff on earth. And fuck the hipsters who've got a problem with that. You need to learn to dance. This track is off of their live album, recorded Halloween 2003 in Brooklyn.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

After reading about this lovely little Pentagon report doomsday scenario dug up by the talented folks in the British media, I couldn't help but pull out this little apocalyptic gem, Zero Point, by the Rogers Sisters. Yes, it's still more NYC dancepunk. It's not so much that this is all that I listen to, so much as I'm still trying to figure out what I have that everyone hasn't heard at the moment, while at the same time trying not to go TOO wierd/obscure - I do have readers that aren't scenesters too...

For your second MP3 of the day...
Cafe Tacuba - Rarotonga This is off of Cafe Tacubas self titled debut from a few years back, and, while that album couldn't match last years widely acclaimed Cuatro Caminos this song is one of my favorite songs of all time. It just has a momentum to it that far too few songs have... the way that piano line just drives your legs vertical and before you know it you're dancing and singing along in the middle of the fucking offi- and... thats enough about what happened to me when I put on some headphones at work this morning...

Monday, February 23, 2004

It's Liars day!

In 25 minutes, Liars new album will be released.

All of you should go out and buy it, because it rocks.

In honor, this is the albums lead track Broken Witch Remember kids - the album is called They Were Wrong so We Drowned and should be availiable in finer music retailers everywhere or somesuch.

Life Without Buildings - Let's Get Out - Life Without Buildings are a scottish band that woefully slipped through the cracks a few years back. The band name seems a pretty straight Talking Heads reference, and the sound fits that - sharp, hooky guitars, and a female match for Byrnes stuttering kinetic vocal style. It's the vocals that really sell this song - they have a touretic quality that makes me want to hit repeat and try to figure out the syllables, trace the subtle little rhymes. It might be a bit rep-et-etive for some though.

Disgracefully, these guys broke up not long after releasing their debut album.

Saturday, February 21, 2004


Okay, so I'm gonna TRY to keep this to a straight MP3 blog.

But I couldn't not post this as soon as I saw it.

Friendster + Ebay - Money =

And as someone who uses neither Friendster nor Ebay (I abhor most social networking sites and Ebay would destroy my wallet), I have to say that this is DAMN COOL.

Complete indexing of your media posessions, with handy cross referencing and a BORROWING TOOL? And feedback besides!


I'm TheGadfly over there if anyone cares.

Friday, February 20, 2004


Thanks to a wondrous .mac account holding benefactor, TTIKTDA is back in business, with MP3 Goodness for you all.

I'm going to take a cue from Matt @ Fluxblog and put out an open call to anyone who can remix the two tracks I'm posting today - if it's good, I'll post it.

As to what I'm posting, well, it's an oldey, and it's something I've never seen anywhere else...

James Brown, and Al Sharpton - God Has Smiled On Me

Part 1


Part 2

Seemed apropos is all...


I think once I get hosting back, I'm going to start posting whatever is about to come up 1 by 1.

Step 1: Open your MP3 player.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: Write down the first twenty songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.

1. NOFX - Don't Call Me White
2. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - Monsoon
3. Jawbreaker - Ashtray Monument
4. Cafe Tacuba - Tomar El Fresco
5. Cheap Trick - Don't Be Cruel
6. Sonic Youth - Candle
7. Minus The Bear - I Lost All My Money At The Cockfights
8. El Gran Silencio - Recuerdo Y Lluvia
9. !!! - KooKooKa Fook Yoo
10. Reverend Horton Heat - Big Dwarf Rodeo
11. Out Hud - Hair Dude, You're stepping on my Mystique
12. Van Morisson - Astral Weeks
13. The Kills - Wait
14. The Pogues - Kitty
15. The Verve - The Drugs Won't Work
16. The Flaming Lips - Thank You Jack White (For the Fiber Optic Jesus That You Gave Me)
17. Radiohead - Scatterbrain
18. Radio 4 - Beat Around the Bush
19. Bad Brains - Sacred Love
20. Neko Case - Deep Red Bells

Not a half bad list... not half bad at all...

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

So, the hosting situation isn't fully worked out yet, so instead, for today, I offer you all a link.

You've probably heard by now about DJ Dangermouse's Controversial 'Grey Album', and all the lawsuit threats and shelf pulling and so on going on besides.

Well, the AWESOME folks over Illegal Art (an excellent website fully deserving of your time), are now hosting the entire album on their website for free.

So go. Check it.

My first impressions? It's an interesting, and challenging piece of work. Some of the tracks are masterpieces, and beat both originals. Others are lackluster. And others just don't feel fully mixed. On the whole, my biggest complaint is that the Beatles instrumental tracks are generally kept too low to really show themselves and have a real effect on the Jay-Z tracks. In other words, the Mash-Up's don't sound quite thoroughly 'mashed up' enough.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Lots of attention seems to have hit this humble little space in the week I was out of town.

That is quite cool.

Hitting 5 gigs of transfer inside of said week is Not So Cool.

Hopefully I'll be set up with a .mac account, and a much better bandwidth situation soon, but if someone's got some space and wants to help out by hosting those MP3's that I've already posted so that all the links aren't broken for a few days, that would rock. Email me at the address up top to offer assistance.


Update: I have comments now. Whee. Offers of assistance/Condolences/whining/offers to have my children can be posted there as well.

(well, maybe not the offers of babymakin - that stuff is best saved for an email really.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

metric fuckloads of "ear porn"

Okay, so I forgot to update yesterday, and won't be able to again for a while (I'll be out of town for work if you must know...)

So, I'm going to upload some in the words of a friend, "metric fuckloads of ear porn".

First off, I rave about TV On The Radio constantly, but so far a lot of my friends don't seem to have actually HEARD anything by the band, so i'm tossing you two of their best.

Staring At The Sun is off of their debut Young Liars EP, released last year, and is easily the best song these guys have yet recorded. The beats are stellar, the guitar work from Nick Zinner is great, and Tunde Adebimpe (whose name I think I've misspelled)'s vocals are transcendent. This is the way all music should be.

Ambulance is a track I first heard when I saw these guys live last summer. It recalls a more Doo-wop sound than the 'electro barbershop' tag that I usually use to tag these guys, mostly because it's almost entierly a capella and has a great vocal bassline. Oh, and it's off of their upcoming Debut Full Legnth, "Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes", due out in march.

Here at TTIKTDA, We believe in equality for all forms of Dancing in which the Indie Kids might seek to engage. And so, in the interest of diversity, we bring you a sample of Dance Music that is not dancepunk/electronicish/hiphop influenced.

Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy
Dresden Dolls - Bank of Boston Beauty Queen - These tracks are taken from the Dresden Dolls live release, A is for Accident, and as promised, promote an entirely different kind of dancing - the Dolls are known for having fans that show up at their shows to do waltzes. The sound has been called 'Cabaret-punk', and for lack of a better term, that'll do. It's the best of a nearly-dead (in terms of pop) vaudeville tradition, and some good old fashioned punk rock drumming and lyricism. Oh, and that girl playing the Pianos got a decent set of pipes besides.

I'm hesitant to make a Tori Amos comparison mainly because I'm not a very big Tori Amos fan, but I really like the Dresden Dolls. Still, such a comparison has been made. Make of it what you will.

El Gran Silencio - Ingratos Corazones This is a Mexican band that plays a fantastic mix of rap, funk, punk, and traditional Mexican dance music. Yea, It's in Spanish. If that scares you away, you have no right to be reading this website. Go someplace else or something. This is from their Grammy Nominated ¡Super Riddim Internacional! Vol. 1

Maxeen - Shuffle My Feet In keeping with the New Wave revivalism thats everywhere of late, the ernest young guys in Maxeen really want to be the Police. Especially the lead singer. And to be fair, he's got that distinctive vocal cadence DOWN. Unfortunately, he sounds alot more like Steven Tyler trying to be Sting than he sounds like Sting. That said, this is a great song by a band that has real potential.

But, at the beginning of this entry, I promised you Ear Porn didn't I?

Well, in the interests of that, A lesser known classic from Black Flag, Slip it In - to my knowledge only released on a 7 inch, this song has a bassline that belongs in just about any porn flick ever made, and plenty of moaning and bad dialogue to make sure you realize that.

I'll be back next week. And don't be shy to email me and let me know what works for ya. Gotta be responsive to the listeners if I'm gonna be good at this thing, no?

Friday, February 06, 2004


Chuck Brown - Busting Loose: Go-Go is a sound that never really caught on outside of DC, despite it's proponents early claims that it would be bigger than Hip-Hop. You can hear some of it in the Miami sound that came later, but it's mixture of early rap, funk, R&B, and some downright crazy horns is the sweet spot. Bustin Loose, is the closest thing Go-Go has ever had to a nationwide hit single by it's foremost champion, Chuck Brown. Very much worth a listen to, and it wouldn't hurt you none to look a bit further into the genre too.

I dare you not to dance.

Zonk - Our 5 Worst Songs EP: This Frisco band was introduced to me by the good folks at Music For America, a fine organization with lots of free MP3's which you should spend a great deal of time perusing. Go check it.

And, I'm feeling generous today, so you get a 3rd track, to bring in the days requisite share of rockness. You've heard of the Kills. They've got the boy/girl blues thing going, if dirtier and grimier than the Stripes, and with female lead vocals.

What you haven't heard of most likely is Allison Mossheart's (now known as V.V.) old band Discount. Back when she was a high school student in the floridian hinterlands, Mossheart was in what I would unquestioningly call the single best high school punk band of the 90's. This tracks not their best, but it' provides the best snapshot of their sound of what I have handy. It also has a significantly upped production from most of the other tracks I have. Maybe if I get asked nicely, one day I'll post a track from their masterpiece, an EP of Billy Bragg covers.

For today though, you get Discount - Clap and Cough

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Why oh why did I avoid the Wrens for so long?

The Meadowlands is fucking amazing.

Why on earth did I not listen to this album for so many months since i was told about it, I simply cannot understand.

Listen to these two tracks, and TRY to claim you aren't hooked.

Shot Rock Splitter to God


Everyone Chooses Sides