Tuesday, October 19, 2004

We spent our lives, down to the dime.

Hi again folks! Sorry for the lack of updating, but thats what CMJ will do to you. It kicked my ass to the curb and left me to crawl back up and demand more music 4 times in a row. Some quick reviews:

Wednesday Night: Controller.Controller and the Morning 40 Federation at two seperate venues. Controller were good. But seeing the Federation (illegally i assume) in the basement of a pizzeria (a space the size of the living room of the apartment I lived in in Albany), filled to the brim... WOW. Best show of the year to date. Hands down. The next 4 days were not going to make that an easy judgement however.

Thursday Night: I got to meet lots of Mp3 Bloggers, including the folks from Fluxblog, Music for Robots, Stereogum, and Catchdubs, at Coolfers first musicblogger happy hour. Much talking of shop and swapping of musical tips went on. We need to do it again sometime guys. Then I hopped across the bridge to catch the Polyvinyl Records showcase at Northsix. It's good for 2 of this weeks posts most likely (including todays!). Decibully, Bishop Allen, Ida, Aloha, and Volcano I'm Still Excited! all put on a great show.

Friday: Long day. Started off at a party thrown by Better Propaganda, consumed much alcohol, watched a few bands. Headed uptown to see Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker, and in between those sets, sets by various members of both bands playing solo. 3 and a half hours of non stop music. Much awesome. Then from there it was off to the Vice Records showcase at CBGB (from which another post this week will be drawn), including Death From Above 1979, Panthers, and the Explosion.

Finally, Saturday, I took it easy, with only one show, a Flameshovel/File-13/B-Prop showcase from which another post this week will be drawn. More details on all forthcoming, as the songs come.

Decibully - Holy Angel Choir - Decibully have one hell of a pedigree. Former members of The Promise Ring, Pele, and Camden have come together to show what happens when a bunch of emo kids grow up and move past high school heartbreak. In some cases, like Action Action & the Straylight Run (who I will never stop slagging on - the risk of being my hometown bands...) they don't. In the case of Decibully - well, they've disccovered that there's really only one answer if you really want to make music about heartbreak. I'm not talking about "my girlfriend dumped me my life is over." I'm talking about bottle of whiskey heart bleeding on the floor crushed under the heels of the woman who was everything heartbreak. I'm talking about the sort of depression people spend decades wallowing in. And if you want that, the only answer is to go south young man. It helps that both the Blues and Country music have had a revival in the indie world in recent years. Decibully have capitalized. Like the shins after a fifth of whiskey, "Holy Angel Choir" is bouncy keys and mournful banjo, falsettos and glockenspiel, the song slowly growing quieter and quieter until it's only vocals... building up a wall against the pain and rage, until it all breaks on through and the song comes back with it's force returned a hundred fold.

Decibully - Uncle Sams Yard - The album, the bands debut by the way, reaches it's climax with "Uncle Sams Yard" Beginning with an off-key a capella choir that sounds like a family reunion on the farm trying to out Polyphonic the Spree, the song settles into a gorgeous male/female harmony when the instrumentation kicks in, sparse, down home banjos and a xylophone that gives everything a delicacy that reminds me of Peles earlier material. It's a song of utopia lost, of broken promises, and failed hopes. It's very sad. But I think all of you will like it.

[Buy City of Festivals from Polyvinyl Records!]

Also, welcome Mackro to the world of the musicblog! I'm sure I go for everyone who knows a bit about you in saying we expect great things.


At 10/19/2004 02:42:00 PM, Blogger J said...

i like

At 10/19/2004 07:22:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keith, thanks for stopping by the happy hour. It was great to meet you.

Let's all get together again soon.

Coolfer Glenn

At 10/20/2004 07:40:00 PM, Blogger fatcitizen said...

Cool to see Death From Above 1979 getting the love after CMJ (their record is AMAZING!). Long live the rock from Mississauga!

At 11/01/2004 07:05:00 PM, Blogger Bubbles said...

Awesome songs today, Keith. I will definitely have to pick up the album.

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