Monday, October 25, 2004

Maddening Monday: Billions have Got The Hunger

Hi everyone. Still sick, and I've been working on this post for most of today, on and off because things have been busy here. You're patience will be adequately rewarded I assure you.

This week is going to consist mostly of bands without much of a profile and without many releases. Stuff thats been sent to me, or that I've sought out, from bands that in quite a few cases are still unsigned. Hopefully, that'll change soon. Label people who read this blog, this is your heads up - get callin!

Dear Leader - Raging Red - Dear Leader are from Boston. The band coalesced around frontman Aaron Perrino after his old band, Boston favorites The Shiela Devine broke up somewhat abruptly. The result was Dear Leader. They're set to release a new album, All I Ever Wanted Was Tonight on Lunch Records, on November 2nd. Todays 2 tracks are from that album. Raging Red is an anthems anthem. Guitars cry out like claxons, drums pound furiously. And Perrino screams out in defiance. A song of revolution and toppling empires, "Raging Red" is a equal parts war cry and party song.

Dear Leader - Billions Served - In the release the band sent me, the band evoked all sorts of 'hot again' 80's acts. New Order, The Smiths, the Pixies. And while there's a definite echo of the Pixies dynamics (No small credit there goes to sharing a producer with the Boston legends), and Morrisseys righteous rage at the meat eating public in Billions Served, the band that's really echoed here is U2. Particularly that late 80's Can-Do-No-Wrong, Top-Of-The-World U2. Bono had discovered his politics, and the power of his band, but the band hadn't softened or gone too over the top just yet. "Billions Served" replicates that enraged and creative peak. Blatantly inspired by Eric Schlossers Fast Food Nation, the song relates a litany of the horrors for which Schlosser has indicted the fast food industry - Factory Farms, Sub-par Wages, and of course, the much maligned deceptive advertising. Beneath it all is searing, Edge style guitar work, and a killer rhythym section.

[Check out Dear Leaders website!, or Buy the album from Lunch Records!]

8 days and counting people! Let's make 'em matter!


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