Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The dreams and the communities to come are electric.

The Projects - If There Are More of Us - The Projects is, well, a side project, of Stereolab keyboardist Morgane Lhote. The influence of Morganes other band is extremely obvious, at times to the point of being oppressive, but the Projects manage, for the most part, to take the 'Labs distinctive keywork and dueling boy/girl vocals, and fuse it with an angular guitar and bass style more readily associated with Gang of Four, or Wire. This song, opens with a skittery electric piano, and a flattened, buzzing, bassline and the Labs melodicism, but by the minute mark, they're counting off and going into a section of just chaos as the vocals fly from multiple directions and the guitars pick up, and all of a sudden it all makes sense. Postpunk has gone twee.

The Projects - Happy Endings - The album finishes with, fittingly, "Happy Endings" The bassline sounds, to my ears, like the first 2/3rds of Wires famous bassline for "Three Girl Rhumba" (one of the best grooves ever BTW), and slowly layers go on over the top of that bass, sinking the angles and edges in a warm, soft, pop package. Melodic, but still sharp guitar gives way to pianos, as both yield to gorgeous sugary female vocals. The sonng strips itself down again after the first verse, and when everything returns, it's darker. Theres a new element. And the vocals, where once there were words, nearly belt out that one long note. Over the course of all this happening, as the song returns the form, and then breaks down into a furious instrumental conclusion, that bassline is still going, and it's speeding up too! Great stuff.

Learn more about the Projects at their website!
[Buy the Projects debut, Let's Get Static from the Track and Field Organisation! And be sure to check out their single, Ulysses in the Supermarket!]

UPDATE: I'vee just learned that tonights Wolf Parade (and secretly Modest Mouse - but Wolf Parade are cooler anyway, right Sean?) show at Webster Hall that I had thought was sold out, and that I had missed the boat on... HAS TICKETS AVAILIABLE. GET YOURS NOW. And drop me an email, as it looks like I'll be going alone, and I'd love to meet some readers.

Also, be sure to drop by The Tofu Hut, where I've just done an interview as part of John's "Meetin' the Neighbors" series. Here's a taste.

Drop on by Better Propaganda and pick out a track to hype.

Gravenhurst - The Diver

I may have blogged gravenhurst at some point, but I don't think so. I've come very close on a number of occasions however. Nick Talbot creates dark, gorgeous slices of poetry with an acoustic guitar and a falsetto to die for. The album, titled Flashlight Sessions has that sort of light in the darkness feel to it, and this song in particular is full of that. When he croons "And I, am never frightened, no I am never afraid." the hope in his voice, the power of it, is all we have to fight off the opressive darkness of those low, sparse chords. But it's a powerful light to shine.


At 9/15/2004 11:27:00 AM, Blogger nm said...

i'm a blogger who's also a contributing writer for betterPropaganda, and it's so great to see them get so much blogger love :-) thanks for always posting such great tracks. i visit your blog almost every day.

At 9/15/2004 12:43:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

k-thanks for ruling! interested in seeing you 'skank it'!


At 9/15/2004 05:53:00 PM, Blogger Keith said...

Are there any Ska bands playing during CMJ? If so, theres a fairly good opportunity that you might...

At 9/16/2004 05:33:00 AM, Blogger howard said...

Nick has his own blog -

At 9/30/2004 08:48:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morgane Lhote, as any true 'Lab fan knows, left the Groop ages ago (but why? rumour has it that it wasn't amicable). Haven't heard the Project yet, but it sounds like I ought to check them.

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