Wednesday, July 07, 2004


The Futureheads - Robot Okay, so Paul Weller is an ass and the Jam are never getting back together. The Beach Boys never wrote songs about cool shit like robots and carnivals. And Devo for all their genius never could figure out that whole harmony and melody thing. That's where the Futureheads come in. They sound like the Jam having a spasm in 3 part harmony. Jerky, britpop hooks, choruses catchier than they've a right to be, and DAMN if they don't sound like the fucking JAM. Shouldn't that be enough for you people?

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Rocket From the Crypt - Blood Robots Rocket From the Crypt have been around for ever, with their brand of raw, rockabilly and horn tinged punk rawk. This track isn't the most typical RFTC track, but for some reason, I keep coming back to it. Probably for the chorus, and it's screams of the title track, the stabs of horn, and the instrumental break in the middle, when the entire structure of the song just completely shifts.

Rocket From the Crypt - Waste It A more typical RFTC song, also from Cut Carefully & Play Loud, this is raw, vicious, brutal rockandroll. This is a song to smash things to. To drive 100 MPH with the cops on your ass, screaming "YOU'LL NEVER GET ME FUCKERS" to. To run wild in the streets and let nothing stop you to. The guitars, a psychobily wall of fury. The vocals, a snarl of pure contempt. The horns, focused, laser beams of pure, unbridled, and directed hatred. This is a band with purpose, and that purpose is to rock your tiny head, to convince you to let loose and to fuck shit up.

And if you're still reading this, it's only because you haven't clicked the song yet.

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John Darnielle gives his blessings for the Mountain Goats to join the Internet Live Music Archive, a breathtaking resource of live shows in all sorts of formats from all sorts of artists.

Big Songs for Little Attention Spans A compilation of 100 songs, designed to fit onto one CD. There's some great stuff there.

Repeated message:My reserves of music are running a bit down. So, feel free to Send me music! I'm always looking for great stuff, be it your band, your label, or just some random track you heard on that local college radio station that always seems to be a step ahead and needs the TTIKTDALove. If it's good, i'll probably post it, eventually.


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