Thursday, June 03, 2004

Psych Pop that isn't entirely about Brian Wilson.

Another Little update: Every beatles Song Ever in Alphabetical Order. This is an amazing piece of audiocollagerywork.

So, Of Montreal have a new album out. They were always a second tier, fringe Elephant-6 band. Nothing too notable. Satanic Panic in the Attic should change that. Growing up from the E6 60's/Brian Wilson/Beatles obsession, and beginning to discover the bold new world that is 70's music, Kevin Barnes has produced a fantastic album. Catchy in all the right places, sugary without being saccharine, and jam packed with variety.

Of Montreal - Lysergic Bliss - Probably the most classically Of Montreal song on the album, Lysergic Bliss opens full of jangly strumming and falsettos, and very Beatles beats. But give it two minutes. Suddenly, the song starts to dismantle and fall apart, slowing down, the chords become more sinister, and then, and 2:30, all goes quiet, and the bridge erupts in vocal acrobtics, harmonies all over the place, reminiscent of the Polyphonic Spree in a more Wilsonian moment. The drums come back with a more deeper tone, and a little instrumental outro, and we're out. The structure is nonexistent, but somehow, it doesn't feel the least bit slapdash, despite the obvious Wilson fixation in the "record distinct segments and throw 'em together" production style - pulled off with far less skill than Wilson himself, but thats hardly an insult when one considers the magnitude of Brians talents.

Of Montreal - Chrissy Kiss The Corpse - Possibly the jangliest, most upbeat song about necrophilia I've ever heard, recalling the Violent Femmes more than any of the typical E6 touchstones. Catchy, bouncy, and with a chorus you don't want to sing along with in public, but can't resist. I was only going to post two songs today, but this one just seemed too essential to skip.

Of Montreal - Vegan In Furs - and, as promised, Of Montreal discovers the 70's! This song is downright FUNKY. Sounding like a funkier moment of Elton John, or Steely Dan, or a white man wishing he were Sly Stone, the song is just tongue in cheek enough, and just clever enough to avoid being absolutely terrible, and instead, by working firmly within it's limitations, playing up a great bassline, fantastic percussion, and vocal production tricks over Barnes (lack of) natural range works to create a damn great song. And the pianos in the songs final movements are to die for. A much better execution of Wilsonian production on this track than on Lysergic Bliss.
[Buy Satanic Panic in the Attic from!]

Elsewhere in the Mp3Blogosphere...

I'm expecting great things from Uncritical - he's got great taste and judging by the spectacular Broadcast remix posted monday, and his most recent post of some great French electronica, a great ear for a blog.

Also, I remember once upon a time compulsively reading Losing My Edge. Then he slowly trailed off and went defunct. Well, now Mike D is back with a new look, a new hometown, and a new mission - as an MP3 blogger. Check him out.

And as a final note, you get one more post from me tomorrow night before I head out of town for a week. But keep checking in, as we'll have a special guest DJ running things here at TTIKTDA and making sure the seat doesn't get too cold.

Update: Elsewhere, check out The Polyphonic Spree Interactive Adventure Game - each level features a song from their upcoming new album Together We're Heavy, and when you win, you're rewarded with another track and some live cuts. I'm really excited for this album now. Hint: Start with the cactus.


At 6/03/2004 04:31:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are great comments about the Of Montreal album -- "Lysergic Bliss" is my favorite, an amazing, surprising, happy song. It's especially good in concert, when the band just stopped playing, or actually, pretended to play, while they just let loose with some glorious vocal noise. Check out my blog at, which has more information about indie music and stuff. I love your blog!

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