Sunday, June 13, 2004

Atom and His Package are dead, long live Atom and his Package

OK, so this is my last post on TTIKTDA! Keith will resume normal posting of awesome mp3s ASAP. Hope you enjoyed everything I posted (thanks Laura for your converting-files-to-MP3s-skillz). Oh, also, Keith said he'd been getting a lot of mail regarding my posts... There seems to be a tad of confusion regarding the fact that I AM NOT KEITH, THE OWNER/MAIN HONCHO DUDE OF TTIKTDA. I didn't do anything before the Polyphonics post, and probably won't contribute again in the near future (unless Keith wants me to, that is). if you have anything you want me to know regarding my posts, please email me at I know I should have probably made this a tad clearer days ago, but whatever. Hurrah!

So, the goods:

When Adam Goren of Atom and His Package announced that he was hanging up the music sequencer and retiring from the business of writing awesome songs about random shit with cheezy casio beats, I'm pretty sure the entire foundation of modern society crumbled to the ground. No more songs about the metric system. No more songs about falling in love with disembodied heads. No more singing happy birthday to Ralph, even though he's fucking disgusting.

But, as a tail-end farewell, Atom has released his very last show as a two-disc CD/DVD on Hopeless Records! REJOICE!

OK, but once again, a little warning from the awesome people here at TTIKTDA: these are for SAMPLE PURPOSES ONLY! Atom has had a rough year, and is trying to launch his new (totally serious?) band, Armalite. So if you enjoy the tracks below, purchase the new live album at the Hopeless Records Online Store (Dude, $10. Support your local Philly electro hardcore kid!)

I was lucky enough to interview Atom on what turned out to be his very last tour last year. The devotion of his fans is really, really something to witness. Kind of like Dashboard Confessional, only you don't want to bash them in the head with a crowbar. Here are four excerpts of the live album/DVD. It takes a tad of explaining for each, so bear with me. Not everyone may enjoy them but I think they're total genius.

AAHP - Anarchy Means I Litter
This song is about how a few stupid punk rock kids can ruin things for awesome punk rock kids, by doing things which include, but are not limited to: littering (duh), stealing from record stores, calling people names, and physical violence. The song includes what may be Atom's most infectious chorus.

AAHP - Hats off to Halford
A tribute to Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and more specifically his being a gay metal dude. There's a really cool version on the Atom site which a commentary by Rob on a German radio station.

AAHP - If You Own The Washington Redskins, You're a Cock
In which Atom denounces teams like the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Redskins of having totally racist and offensive names.

AAHP - Punk Rock Academy
Atom's theme song. "I had a dream when I was in high school/that I attended Punk Rock Academy/and no one made fun of me!" Didn't we all. He closes most of his shows with this song ("Thank you, Philadelphia!"). A classic.

I have yet to hear Armalite, but if anyone has any mp3s or anything, email me!

And now, for the last, mega-rushed installment of That Charming Man: Morrissey Throughout The Ages! Like, really, really rushed.

Used To Be A Sweet Boy: The Vauxhall And I era, 1994 to (arguably) 1996 or thereabouts.
Great album. Everyone loves it. Dark, because Moz was going through loads of shit at the time. Best track is "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get".

Morrissey - The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

This song is great. Sad. Remorseful. Pathetic. Touching. Morrissey.

Fast forward to... NOW! Yes, as stated earlier, I ain't going near Southpaw or Maladjusted. They're pretty bad. There are still a feredeemingle songs, such as "Boy Racer" and "Alma Maters", but unless you're a hardcore fan, don't even go there. Just a word of advice.


Think Of Someone You Physically Admire: The You Are The Quarry era, 2004 - ?
If you don't own this album, shame on you! It's the best since Your Arsenal (in my humble opinion). Even better than YA in many respects.

So why am I posting a B-Side? Because it should have been on the album, that's why! "The Never Played Symphonies" would be right at home on Viva Hate, which makes you nostalgic and excited at the same time. "You were one you knew you were one/And you slid right through my fingers/No not literally but metaphorically"? Fucking hell.

Morrissey - The Never Played Symphonies

Nothing to even say on this. It's just to perfect.

Ok, sorry that was mega-rushed, but you know how things go, you really want to make a gorgeous update and you look up and it's 10:21pm and you still have 5 million things to do before Monday. I'm sure you'll understand.

So, thus ends Cameron's stay at TTIKTDA! Check back very, very son, because Keith will be back with youregularar programming. As for myself, I reside at Garage Dream, so come on down and say hi sometime. Thanks for the laughs (or something?)!


At 6/14/2004 07:54:00 AM, Blogger Belgand said...

I was rather upset upon hearing that Atom was breaking up with the Package. Especially since last spring I'd had the chance to see him, but not knowing anyone else who'd have even the slightest inclination of going and not wanting to drive downtown to spend what little money I have led to me not going. Arggh!! If only I'd known in advance.

Sort of like missing seeing Man... or Astro-man? a few years ago because I was a few months shy of 21 and they were playing a 21 and over only venue. Just to have them go on hiatus not terribly long afterwards.

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