Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Revival that wasn't? Pt. 1

First things first: Courtney Loves father claims she killed Kurt. More or less.

Second. Todays Tunes.

Deathray Davies - I'm From the Future - as the Kinks-pun-of-a-name implies, the Deathray Davies are Mods. For years now, the Davies, (Basically John Dufhilo and a collection of session players) have continually hovered on the edge of success, with a radio ready sound, catchy hooks galore, and a healthy slice of retro cool. Unfortunately, it always seems to have evaded the band, and, listening to this song, it's hard to figure out why. Maybe Vespa Scooters and Speed need to make a comeback first...

Deathray Davies - She Can Play Me Like A Drum Machine -A delicous slice of sugary, 60's psych pop, the Kinks debt is evident here, full of dreamy, wall of sound style production, delectable keyboard hooks, and a fantastic handclap-percussion breakdown. Why wasn't this song a hit? Both of todays tracks are off of 2002's Day of the Ray.

More Mod Revivalists tomorrow.

Repeated PSA: I'm gonna do an overhaul of the sidebar links/blogroll this weekend. I'm notoriously bad at forgetting to put things on there. If you've linked to me and want a linkback, email me. Or if you just think your blog is dying to be read by the likes o' me. Or, just to say hi. Like most MP3 bloggers, I am a lonely attention whore desperate for feedback.


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