Monday, April 26, 2004

Not quite walking, not quite running.

The Joggers are a hooky little 4 piece from Portland Oregon that wouldn't be out of place in New York - think the Walkmen, with less anger, more bounce, and a gimmick. All of todays tracks are off of their debut, Solid Guild.

Joggers - Hot Autism A bouncy, wound up piece of power pop, this track careens from hook to hook, held together by it's dueling vocals, hinting at the magnificence of the harmonies they are able to produce on other songs, this is what the Strokes should be trying to sound like.

Joggers - Back to the Future This is, my personal favorite song off of Solid Guild. This shows off exactly what it is that makes the Joggers a band to watch. The song opens unimpressively, but about 2 and a half minutes in, the song breaks down, and is suddenly dominated by a magnificent and beautiful 3 part vocal harmony. It's a stirring thing to listen to, and makes me realize why bands go back to the basics in the first place - not because the basics are better, but because sometimes, it's only possible to build when you've smashed everything.

The Joggers - Neon Undercarriage - i'm sorry, but this just sounds like a Walkman Song. Barring the emergence of the all too brief flashes of harmony, (something that the Joggers really need to play up more. Too few bands can pull that shit off to bury it at the end of a song.), I'd call this a case of musical plagiarism. That does not however, mean that this is a bad song. By no means. This is the Happy Version of the Walkmen, and thats something that the world could sorely use, because when the Walkmens sound gets happy... well, it's a lot more fun to listen to. And I like to have fun.

Oh, and Word in the Alleys is the new kid on the block. Go say hi.

I'm gonna do an overhaul of the sidebar links/blogroll this weekend. I'm notoriously bad at forgetting to put things on there. If you've linked to me and want a linkback, email me. Or if you just think your blog is dying to be read by the likes o' me. Or, just to say hi. Like most MP3 bloggers, I am a lonely attention whore desperate for feedback.


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