Friday, April 02, 2004

My week in hell is ended.

First off, file sharing is legal in Canada. Sadly, I won't be moving, because I can never go to Soviet Canuckistan ever again. The last time I crossed the border, according to the US customs folks who let me back in and warned me off, I committed a serious crime, and could be in trouble if I go back.

And now, The Secret Machines.

This is the new Jam band for the Indie Kids. First off, these guys kick ass live. They're still opening for people, but I suspect that that's only because they enjoy upstaging other acts (Rumor is, a number of NYC bands have sworn never to allow TSM to support again). Second off, it's because these guys actually do go into 10 minute PInk Floyd inspired Jam freakouts. Thing is, there's as much of the Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses in there as there is Pink Floyd. Old generation Dance Rock, meets new generation Garage Rock. Quite simply, these guys are incredible. The album has been availiable for a while, as prerelease via the I-Tunes Music Store, and the band will even mail you a special custom CD-R when you buy it early, to encourage you to pass it on. Check it out at their website. (You can also listen to the whole album there).

Sad and Lonely - The song opens up with a fuzzy, bass line and a quick kick in the drum kit, and it's a full minute before the vocals kick in, and the song becomes reminiscent of anything other than Liars "This Dust Makes That Mud". But when it does, the song suddenly becomes fully formed, and what was a just-short-of-annoying loop becomes a stable and constant backdrop for a vocal melody that pulls the song up and out and into the realm of pop, and when the pianos kick in, you know that you'll want to hear it a few dozen more times.

Road Leads Where it's Lead - but this right here, this is the album highlight. This is early 90's british rave-rock run through a filter of 70's bombast, with a healthy dash of the new garage scene. When the songs chorus erupts into a repeated shout of "blowing all the other kids away," you know that that is exactly what the Secret Machines intend to do. If their new album is any indication, they just might.


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