Wednesday, April 21, 2004

London booted?

Spanish Bombs (Over Baghdad) Todays tracks are from a remix project just completed by the folks over at Get Your Bootleg On - put simply, they did a full album remix of London Calling entitled London Booted. The results are mixed. Some are more creative than others, some more technically skilled. Some lack both. A rare few, have both. This track layers the Clash's "Spanish Bombs" under Outkast's "Bombs Over Baghdad." The result is an extremely clever and topical update on one of the Clash's most explicitly political songs (which is saying quite a bit), and the finish, when it goes back to the Clash's chorus, punctuated by that Bombs over Baghdad harmony is inspired.

This Girl Wants a Cheat - this though, is the albums highlight. Like a forgotten 60's pop artifact from an alternate universe, the song takes the instrumental from this somewhat atypical Clash song, with it's beatlesesque pianos and strong melody, and that sly, pop horn fill, and puts over it.... Christina? And y'know what? It works. It really really works. This is what pop music (narrow definition) should sound like. This is what it, quite obviously, CAN sound like.

Burnin' - This reworking of London Calling, with healthy doses of London's Burning, doesn't keep much aside from that infamous opening bassline. It doesn't need to. This is a track that works on it's own. It has a propulsive, almost psychedelic vibe that carries it into realms where the Clash never ventured, while still keeping the soul of the song in some strange way.

Other noteworthy tracks from the comp - "Bubbas Got a Brand New Caddillac", "Fuck 'em Boyo", and the bonus track "Street Profile" (which is far better than the execrable remix of The Right Profile that made it onto the album itself).

It takes a lot of skill for me to get past the "This is Blasphemy. Blasphemy!" phase of the Clash being my absolute favorite band, and hearing the lesser tracks on this 'album'. But the good ones are extremely good, and besides - if you go download it, do the GYBO'ers, the world, and old Joe a favor, and remember to buy a tree.


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