Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The Industry?

Menomena - The Late Great Libido - say what you will of P-Dork, they unearthed this fantastic band from Portland that seems to take their name from this utterly classic Muppet Show Bit, and their sound from godknowswhere. As near as I can tell, these guys still don't have a label. They do however have an incredibly psychedelic website. Oh right. The Song. Well, the song is... kind of hard to describe. It opens with vocals and a bassline. A proclamation. Before turinging into a slow bubbling piece of instrumental jazz. When the vocals rejoin us, they leave in their wake a xylophone melody, that slowly expands into a crunching guitar riff that seems to come out of nowhere until you go back and listen again. It's a remarkably fascinating piece of music that can be set on repeat for hours - basically one or two short simple loops run through an enormous variety of instruments, temps and sound structures. These guys could be headed somewhere. If anyone aboveground ever listens to them.

Enon - Carbonation - until last years Hocus Pocus gave us the magnificent "Daughter in the House of Fools," this was Enon's crowning achievement. A bubbly, sugary number, full of bent synth chords and hissed vocals, the song also manages to be a biting commentary on the modern music industry. The chorus of This business carbonation / Less Pop More Fizz / coming over on my radio station / it's killing us kids is a vowel away from talking about the state of modern rock radio. It's a gem.

In other news:
Said The Gramophone has beaten me to posting !!!'s Dear Can. Go listen. It's awesome. I'm telling you. It rocks. Go. What are you still doing here?

Got it? Heard it? Good.

Next up, here at TTIKTDA, we are not alone in our desire to see the kids dancing. As evidenced by the discovery of the website for Pancake Mountain the worlds first Punk Rock Kids Show. Be sure to check out the Theivery Corporation led Dance Party, the psychotic theme song, and best of all, Unca Ian Mackeye teaches us how to Move Our Vowels!

And lastly, I've been getting a wave of fun friendly emails and IM's from you guys. Keep 'em coming. And comments too! I like to know that all those hits aren't from me hitting refresh on the blog to see if there's a new comment.


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