Tuesday, April 20, 2004

How can you shake it?

Tilly & The Wall - Hey Ya, Live @ Hamilton College, NY, Jan '04. - I've mentioned this in the past. Tilly and the Wall are the first band on Connor Obersts own new Team Love Records imprint. Once you've stopped laughing, and admittedly there's a lot to laugh about, take a listen though. I've posted some of TatW's stuff before, but nothing matched this cover live. The recording, which comes by way of the awesome folks at The IMF, while not perfect (and having been somewhat messed about with by me in order to be audible - the levels are erratic, the vocals are high in the mix, and the volume of the MP3 wasn't too good to begin with), conveys to some degree the sheer energy and fun of seeing these guys live.

And I will repeat my earlier pronouncement on the band. How the fuck can you go wrong with a tap dancer as percussion?

The Emergency - All Over Town - The Emergency are a trio of kids from West Virginia. Their debut album, How Can You Move is the sort of earnest, delicate, Beach Boys by way of Guided By Voices pop that you can see being played at the coolest high school dance that never was. It's a truly impressive piece of work for such a young band, and I am looking forward to see what they accomplish as they mature and tighten up.


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