Friday, April 16, 2004

Horn week blasts to a close.

Al Hirt - Green Hornet, from the Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack, this song just storms in with a blistering intensity, demanding your full attention. It has an urgency, a tension, that makes it perfect as movie music, or, in its original place, as a TV theme. It also makes for a DAMN good alarm clock song - I woke up to it for about 3 months (the longest I've ever gone with a song before being able to sleep through it out of repitition.)

The Low Flying Owls - Looks of a Killer This is off of 2003's Elixir Vitae, the bands sophomore effort, but it may as well be a debut for all the distro their first album got. This one by comparison has shown up in Tower Records listening stations. The Owls play a brand of heavily 60's influenced, somewhat shoegazey pop that fits in well along side their NorCal brethren like BRMC, but more tuneful, less noisy, and more than anything, hypnotic. Hypnotic in the way that My Bloody Valentine are at their best, without sounding anything like My Bloody Valentine. Listening to this song gives the definite impression of a band that can kill, if not with a look, than most certainly with a note.

!!! - Shitscheissemerde (Part 1) I'm jumping on the leaked !!! bandwagon here, after STG beat me to the punch on the single with Dear Can, I'll go and post my favorite track off of the album. Though it proves that lead singer Nic Offer hasn't lost his talent for insipid but memorable one liners, it also proves that he's learned to use his voice to something other than cheerlead. Namely, if you can ignore what he's saying, his vocals are actually contributing to the song merely in how he says it. We saw hints of this on Me & Giuliani but I think this song, with that hiss of shit-scheisse-merde, sounding ever so sinister has a snaky groove that fits !!!'s sound so well.

Thats it for Horn week.

Polish your Brass, Stay Horny, and have fun.

Because god knows none of you are dancing enough. Nobody ever is.


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