Friday, April 23, 2004

Hi Boing Boing!

Welcome to TTIKTDA. Hope some of you folks stick around.

Posts have been erratic this week because what little time work does not occupy has been taken up by the discovery that An Adventurer Is Me!. I apologize profusely, but spend some time over there, and... well, you'll forget to complain.

Ima Robot - A is for Action A great band out of LA thats gotten some radio play for their first single a while back - sadly, the single is not really their best work, as this song shows. It has a talking heads meets 80's metal kind of vibe that works pretty well all things considered - even if whoever is writing the songs lyrics can't spell.

Les Savy Fav - Reprobate's Resume - Les Savy Fav have just released their newest full legnth, Inches, a comp of singles from throughout their career - I'll be picking it up this weekend, but I thought today was a good opportunity to revisit how Tim Harrington and his fellow psychopaths won me over in the first place. This song is, to me the essence of Les Savy Fav's unique disco punk insanity, careening wildly from introspection to rage to the need to dance like a wild orangutan in heat. This is from their previous full legnth, Go Forth, and is probably the second best track off of the album, behind the maniacal "Pills"

Les Savy Fav - Crawling Can be Beautiful Another fantastic track from Go Forth I'm posting this one mainly because I suspect a few friends will like it, and figure the rest of you will too. More classic LSF.


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