Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Drink Locally, Fck Globally.

Gogol Bordello have to be my favorite band thats still plugging away in the minors - that is - people have heard of them, in some circles, and you can find them on your fileshare of choice with some luck... but damned if their in the league even of the Big Indies. They're essentially a big name local band that got a CD put out nationally and even did a tour or two.

Except, there's nothing local about Gogol Bordello - oh, they're quintessentially New York (not in the scenester sense, but in the history) - but they come from all fucking over the place. Lead singer, Eugene Hutz grew up in Soviet Ukraine, listening to black market Iggy Pop records, and traditional Romani gypsy music. Others came from Israel, from Russia, from all over, (the drummer is American). They met in New York City, united by the alienation of foreignness, by a love of traditional and new music, and god knows what. But thank god they did. Because THIS is globalization personified. This is music that knows no boundaries.

When I try to describe Gogol Bordello to a friend, I am often left with the phrase "Psychopathic Ukrainian Gypsy immigrant folk punk rock." I really can't find a better way to boil it down. Buy these guys albums. See their shows. The live experience is unmatched. Hutz channels Iggy Pop after way too much vodka, crowd surfing on top of a marchingband bass drum. Toasting to 5 centuries of vodka. And the energy is simply non fucking stop. Hutz also DJ's weekly in NYC, doing a mix of traditional stuff, punk and dance music - I don't know where he is in residence now, but it used to be at Bulgarian bar.

Okay, I've ranted and raved enough about how much I love these guys. You want MP3's.

Unvisible Zedd - - This song is off of the bands debut, Voi La Intruder - the song is probably one of their weaker ones, in contrast to the material on their far superior second album Multi-Kontra-Culti Vs. Irony, but the song is a nice highlight of Hutz's gift for lyrical surrealism and weirdness - "Little does she know while she is yawning, she is orally pleasing the unvisible man"

When The Trickster Starts A-Poking (Bordello Kind of Guy - - This is the lead track off of Multi-Kontra-Culti and it opens with a blast of sax and accordion and then the bass and Hutz walks into the bar and we're OFF AND RUNNING! this song careens wildly between punk and gypsy and back again, showing there really isn't much difference between the two anyway, not to mention a vaguely Queen-esque interlude. "For me? I'm just a bordello kind of guy."

Baro Foro - - this is the opus off of the same album. 9 minutes of Romani dance punk insanity. And not a synthesizer or a Gang of Four knockoff in sight. These guys started off playing gypsy weddings in NY and slowly added more and more punk to the sound. It shows here. The song opens very traditionally and builds and builds until the song begins to loop around in it's madness and you MUST MOVE TO THE MUSIC.

Punk Rock Parrada - - Violins = Punk Rock. The story of a city without punks, crime, hookers and drunks. A dead town. But have no fear! The Mighty Gogol Bordello has come to Destroy/Save it! Because they are here to start a new "Punk Rock Parrada!" I love the lyrics on this song.

That was more music than I intended to post.

But damn it's such good stuff.


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Hi! Any chance you can reupload the GB songs? The links are broken. Thank you :P



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