Monday, March 01, 2004

Theme Songs

The Apes - Village of Brainbow and Brainbo: This is off of the Apes most recent (not particularly) release, OddEyeSee. It's an odd album, but I have a tendency to think of it as the soundtrack to the greatest themepark ride thats never been built - an image reinforced by tracks like the albums "Roll Call" and frequent self referential bits, not to mention the twisted storyline, sound effects, and constant mentions of boarding the "ark". This particular track presents the Apes at their best - sounding like Les Savy Fav with an organ instead of a guitar, and ominous doomspeaking to replace Tim Harringtons sheer wildness.

Pizzicato Five - Tout Tout Pour Ma Cherie: If the Apes are the soundtrack of a creepy theme park ride, Pizzicato Five provide the theme music for all the psychotically energetic 70's television that never was. It's J-Pop, a genre i generally despise for being too sacharine, but there's something about the P5 that makes it seem less tooth rotting, and more guilty pleasure - not everyday listening to be sure, but great for when you need something to pump up your pulse during a long drive, or on the treadmill.

Also, I'm going to take this opportunity to pimp out a friends band, The Axe Wound Kids. They're very cutting edge, and unlike most other music most sane people will listen to. They recently recorded their first demo - a 7 track affair that clocks in at under five minutes of their distinctive Haiku-Core sound.

A sample lyric:

breasts of eternal pain
swollen ripe with suffering
please show me your tits

Yes, it's analcuntesque. Yes it's gimmicky. It's also fun as hell and there is some real talent there.

You can listen to the whole demo at their website, and there's booking contact there too - word is they want to tour this summer, and they will play just about anywhere I think.

EDIT: Just making my rounds of other blogs for the evenings, and I have to say, DO NOT MISS, Said The Gramophones track of Elvis fucking up a show - it's priceless.

And as if that wasn't enough to convince you how lousy an MP3 blogger I am, ForksClovesTofu has tossed up a post of classic Prison music that is brilliant, beautiful, and far more worthy of your harddrive space than my meagre offerings.


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