Monday, March 22, 2004


Tilly & The Wall - I Can't Believe You: Tilly and the Wall are an unsigned (read: Saddle Creek but they haven't finished an album yet) band from Omaha who manage to not sound pompous (ala Cursive), or drunken and pussified (Bright Eyes), or even for that matter consist of former child stars (lookin at you Rilo Kiley). Instead, in spite of the Oberst producer credit, they manage to be a band that could come from anywhere, and deliver flat out fun, happy, sparkly, dancey indie pop. Oh, and the percussion on this track? Tilly & The Wall don't have a drummer. They have a tap dancer. Who occasionally busts out a tambourine or some maraccas. And the rest of the band claps hands with her sometimes. But mostly it's just Tappa-Tappa-Tappa. This results in an AWESOME live cover of "Hey Ya". This song comes closest to capturing that live energy, but doesn't really manage it. It's off of their 6 song demo "Woo!"

In other news, check out this page of live Darkness cuts. They're all Darknessey goodness. But NOTHING can match the sheer hysteria of Falsetto begetting Falsetto, when they COVER RADIOHEAD. That's right, the wounded, tortured vocals of Street Spirit, transform into the insane wailings of a hair metal god. The only constant is the pitch.

Also be sure to hop over to Fluxblog to check out the Bad Plus's fantastic cover of Velouria before it disappears. Oh, and that new Fiery Furnaces song ain't half bad neither.

Oh, and for those in a hole in the ground, Gramophone has new Wilco up. Not for much longer. New Wilco is something that excites many people, but I find myself fairly indifferent to listening to Jeff Tweedy bounce between aping Elliott Smith, and trying to transmogrify Wilco into the new Skynyrd.


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