Monday, March 15, 2004

New Tunes!

I'm back! And I'm in an up beat, old fashioned pop-rock sort of mood. Songs with strong vocals and lots of lyrics.

It's that sort of day, so you'll get 2 songs by a pair of bands that were flat out criminally neglected in 2003

Folksongs for the Afterlife - You Walked Me Home off of 2003's debut, Put Danger Back in Your Life. The vocals invite comparisons to the likes of Beth Orton, or Azure Ray, but instrumentally, these guys rock substantially more. I think this did make Pitchforks "Albums we forgot to review but liked" list in their mega-year-end-feature. I'm afraid thats what everyone else did too.

The Long Winters - Blue Diamonds - Very much like a less silly Neutral Milk Hotel, I think these guys got ignored largely because of the Decembrists multiple releases sucking all the oxygen out of the room for that category last year. And thats a damn shame. This song swings - the entire album - When I Begin to Fall makes for great driving music, and the Indie All Star line up of guest musicians helps. Like I said, I have no clue why this didn't get any buzz.

Elsewhere, GarageDream has produced one half of (the world first?) MP3-Blogger-mix-split, availiable Here. There's some very good stuff on there. If anyone is interested in embarking on a similar project, drop me a line.

As a side note - I'm in the midst of compiling a themed mix from a friend - so, any suggestions for songs about doctors, or medicine, or surgery, etc? Hopefully casting them in a negative light? Think "Tommy Gets his Tonsils Out" by the 'Mats, the Theme Song from Hedwig (wherein ze describes hir surgery...) etc. etc.


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