Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Kickin Release Madness!

So, theres a few great albums being released in the States today.

First off, a pair of tracks off of Franz Ferdinands debut Self titled album...

The Dark of the Matinee - this is the highlight of the album as far as I'm concerned. All hooks and dancey energy, and a chorus thats simultaneously catchy and very very sketchy, this song has hit written all over it if it makes it to radio.

Auf Achse - If Dark of the Matinee doesn't make it, this one will. It has a bit less of a singalong quality, but it makes up for it with that great piano bit that really holds the song together.

And on the other hand, my TV On The Radio evangelism knows no bounds. (Anyone going to tonites Southpaw CD release show should drop me a line. It's gonna kick.)

King Eternal - All men condemned by men to die/ Damned by blind bitch in hallowed hall - this song is just all soul. I think this is the first song I've posted with TVOTR's new second vocalist, Kyp Malone on lead - he has a different sound from Tunde - he's the fragile, falsettoed companion to Tundes powerful, golden throated soul. Where Tunde's songs ring out with echoes of Blues and Barbershop, Kyp reveals a more... human side of the band. His imperfections bring a sense of brokenness to the songs that he leads on that counteracts the mechanization of the sound on other tracks - if there's any fault in Tunde's singing, it's that he's so good, so polished, one has to wonder if it's the production. Kyps presence (or merely seeing them live), most certainly proves otherwise.


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