Wednesday, February 18, 2004

So, the hosting situation isn't fully worked out yet, so instead, for today, I offer you all a link.

You've probably heard by now about DJ Dangermouse's Controversial 'Grey Album', and all the lawsuit threats and shelf pulling and so on going on besides.

Well, the AWESOME folks over Illegal Art (an excellent website fully deserving of your time), are now hosting the entire album on their website for free.

So go. Check it.

My first impressions? It's an interesting, and challenging piece of work. Some of the tracks are masterpieces, and beat both originals. Others are lackluster. And others just don't feel fully mixed. On the whole, my biggest complaint is that the Beatles instrumental tracks are generally kept too low to really show themselves and have a real effect on the Jay-Z tracks. In other words, the Mash-Up's don't sound quite thoroughly 'mashed up' enough.


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