Friday, February 06, 2004


Chuck Brown - Busting Loose: Go-Go is a sound that never really caught on outside of DC, despite it's proponents early claims that it would be bigger than Hip-Hop. You can hear some of it in the Miami sound that came later, but it's mixture of early rap, funk, R&B, and some downright crazy horns is the sweet spot. Bustin Loose, is the closest thing Go-Go has ever had to a nationwide hit single by it's foremost champion, Chuck Brown. Very much worth a listen to, and it wouldn't hurt you none to look a bit further into the genre too.

I dare you not to dance.

Zonk - Our 5 Worst Songs EP: This Frisco band was introduced to me by the good folks at Music For America, a fine organization with lots of free MP3's which you should spend a great deal of time perusing. Go check it.

And, I'm feeling generous today, so you get a 3rd track, to bring in the days requisite share of rockness. You've heard of the Kills. They've got the boy/girl blues thing going, if dirtier and grimier than the Stripes, and with female lead vocals.

What you haven't heard of most likely is Allison Mossheart's (now known as V.V.) old band Discount. Back when she was a high school student in the floridian hinterlands, Mossheart was in what I would unquestioningly call the single best high school punk band of the 90's. This tracks not their best, but it' provides the best snapshot of their sound of what I have handy. It also has a significantly upped production from most of the other tracks I have. Maybe if I get asked nicely, one day I'll post a track from their masterpiece, an EP of Billy Bragg covers.

For today though, you get Discount - Clap and Cough


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