Monday, February 23, 2004

It's Liars day!

In 25 minutes, Liars new album will be released.

All of you should go out and buy it, because it rocks.

In honor, this is the albums lead track Broken Witch Remember kids - the album is called They Were Wrong so We Drowned and should be availiable in finer music retailers everywhere or somesuch.

Life Without Buildings - Let's Get Out - Life Without Buildings are a scottish band that woefully slipped through the cracks a few years back. The band name seems a pretty straight Talking Heads reference, and the sound fits that - sharp, hooky guitars, and a female match for Byrnes stuttering kinetic vocal style. It's the vocals that really sell this song - they have a touretic quality that makes me want to hit repeat and try to figure out the syllables, trace the subtle little rhymes. It might be a bit rep-et-etive for some though.

Disgracefully, these guys broke up not long after releasing their debut album.


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